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Mechanics At Curless Truck Repair

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Curless Truck Repair Mechanic
Mechanic At Curless Truck Repair

Dustin Leach is no stranger to hard work.

He started working at his family's ice production plant when he was just a little boy. His parents also farmed and he was plowing fields behind the wheel of a tractor by the time he was six years old.

"I learned a lot about working on equipment growing up working at the ice plant. It just came naturally to me," Dustin said. 

He has a diesel tech degree from Utah Valley State College and comes to Curless Truck Repair after over two decades of doing what he loves!

"I really enjoy figuring out problems. I like the challenge of troubleshooting and then fixing the problem," said Dustin, who will have top of the line equipment to work with at Curless.

"It's a great shop and good people that I work with," said Dustin, who recently moved to Southwest Missouri after several years working on equipment in the Utah oil fields and a decade of repairing semis and other heavy equipment in North Dakota.

Dustin and his wife, Denise, have eight children, so when he's not busy working on trucks or on his farm, he is spending quality time with his family.

Meet Dustin Leach

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